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Our Standards

The Problem

Sustainability in China is still a relatively small and new industry. At the moment, there is less than a 5% penetration of "sustainable" or "eco-friendly" products in the general market. 

Given this situation, standards for sustainability in China are still unclear. Which leads to greenwashing, false advertisement, and most important of all, confusion in customers.

According to a recent survey, 46.58% of Chinese consumers question the credibility of sustainability or eco-friendly claims by brands on TaoBao while over 50% of consumers want to know the environmental benefits of certain products.

We want to change this!

The Process

All brands and products must be locally operated in China or produced in China

Buying local is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. In BOOMI, you will only find brands that are based in China and operate in China. Many of these brands are still very small, so you will also be supporting small business owners.

All brands go through 3 vetting stages before being accepted to BOOMI


1. Founder Interview

We meet with each and everyone founder of the brands on BOOMI. We ask them questions to find out the process of their harvesting, sourcing, production, delivery, end-life, and brand story. Only brands that align with our values get accepted to BOOMI.


2. We screen each product, one by one


At BOOMI, we have created an internal framework to determine which products we accept on our platform. This framework is continuously growing and currently has 60+ points which are relatively weighted to one another to determine whether brands are accepted or declined from BOOMI.


Some points we ask are:

- Are the raw materials of the product natural?

- Are the claims they make certified?

- Are the raw material locally sourced?

- Are they handmade?

- Do they use any kind of plastic packaging for the protection of the products?

- Do they use any kind of plastic packaging for health reasons?

- Do they have any plastic outer packaging?

- Do they have tapes, glues, adhesives, stickers, bows, and etc

- Is the product biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable?

- Is it compostable in a home compost or a factory compost?

- Does the brand have a recycling program?

- Does the brand support an NGO?

and many more......

3. Finally, brands must send a test delivery to our office, where our in-house vetting team makes their final decisions. 

What you will find on BOOMI

All products on BOOMI are ​

- Free from all known toxins

- Cruelty Free

- Longer lasting than the alternatives

- Locally operated by local SMEs

- Have a positive social or environmental impact

Many products on BOOMI also

- Helps eliminate single-use plastic

- Grown and manufactured sustainably

- Vegan products

- Biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable

- Artisanal or Handmade

- Slow Fashion

- Good vibes and a genuine passion for the world

Our Goal in 2021 is to send all orders from BOOMI 100% Plastic-Free


Our goal by 2025 is to be Carbon Positive

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