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Our Hopes and Dreams


BOOMI’s vision is to build China’s most extensive and trustworthy eco-system for all things sustainability in mainland China. To make this dream come true, we help local purpose-driven businesses thrive through our e-commerce platform while making eco-friendly living simple and accessible to everyone. We hope to create a better world by empowering people to make a conscious choice every day.

BOOMI started with a Toothbrush

We wanted to build something that was simple but impactful. So, we thought, what is (hopefully) the first and last thing you use every single day? A toothbrush! That’s exactly what BOOMI started with, Bamboo Toothbrushes. After realizing the good impact it could generate to people’s daily lives and to the planet, BOOMI products selection grew much more.


Today, BOOMI has evolved from simply being a brand to becoming an entire platform. We are now home to local purpose-driven businesses covering people’s eco-friendly needs, information, and services.


As part of our commitment to make a lasting impact, we also created the BOOMI Forest Initiative. We are contributing 8.8% of our total revenue to plant trees in Inner Mongolia.


The word BOOMI comes from the Indonesian word “bumi,” meaning earth. We are more than just a company with cool eco brands, we are an entire community and a platform to connect and inspire people to make a difference in the world, one step at a time. How will you help to make this change?

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