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Corporate Gifting

Impactful gifts for your employees and clients

With our Corporate Gifting initiative, BOOMI aims to offer companies the opportunity to support local purpose-driven brands, provide clients and employees with unique and earnest gifts, and make a (first) step towards becoming an environmentally positive company! Besides the fixed sets we offer, we can also assemble gift boxes according to budget, content and occasion.

Gifting with impact

* Make gifting more impactful by supporting local, purpose-driven brands

* Move towards becoming a more environmentally positive company

* Treat your employees and clients with unique and earnest gifts

* Every gift set comes with a story and education

Eco-friendly Gifts for Companies
BOOMI Corporate Gifting - Eco-friendly Products

What we can offer

Access to 45+ purpose-driven brands for discounted, assembled gift sets - selected according to content, budget and occasion.


Get in touch on WeChat (TeamBOOMI) to know more about BOOMI’s Recommended Sets!

Product categories

Candles, Hair & Skin care, Bathroom Essentials, Foods, Kitchen items, Fashion, Jewelry, Eco-friendly gift wrapping, Decoration, Teas, and more!

Eco-friendly gifts for companies - BOOMI
BOOMI Company End of Year Gifts

Plant Trees Through BOOMI

Plant a tree and you plant a hope! Join our movement to plant 50.000 trees in 5 years time. Gift a tree to clients or employees for Chinese New Year, Birthdays, as a Thank You gift or Christmas present.

BOOMI Forest Initiative - Trees Inner Mongolia

Tough crowd? We’ve got you!

So, you’re not entirely sure how to convey the message advocating for sustainability and the why and how for conscious living. Our co-founder would happily come present and teach about sustainability or connect you with a network of experts in the field!

BOOMI - Corporate Gifting
BOOMI - Eco-friendly Product in China
Emmanuel Dean and Miguel Boy - Founders of BOOMI
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