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Still have some questions?

We have got the answers! 🌲

  • How long does the product takes to arrive?

It depends on your location. The delivery time within China mainland is around 3 - 6 days.

  • How much is the shipping fee?

The shipping fee is ¥10. But you can have free shipping in orders above ¥100 (Yay!)

  • Can I track my order?

Yes! After you complete your order, we will send you an e-mail with your tracking number. If you don’t receive the e-mail, please contact us on WeChat ID: 13162156755.

  • Why I received less products than I bought?

At the moment, some of our products are sent directly by the brands. This means that depending on what you bought, the items will be sent separately and you will get more than one package. So, there is nothing to worry about, you will still get all the products in your order :)

  • Where is BOOMI based?

BOOMI is a company with Indonesian roots based in Shanghai, China. Our products are produced locally and we offer delivery to all Mainland China.

  • Do all brands in BOOMI have a purpose?

They do. All brands in our BOOMI platform are local and have their own unique way to give back to the community and the planet. You can know more about each one of them on their brands pages.

  • Are the products in BOOMI platform plastic-free?

Most of the products we have in our BOOMI platform are plastic-free. We are always working and finding ways to reduce single use plastic!

  • I have a socially conscious brand. How can my products be at BOOMI platform?

That’s exciting! We are always looking for ways to expand our brands selection. Please get in touch with us to check all the details and requirements.

  • I had a problem with my product/delivery. Who can I contact?

We are sad to hear you had some issues :( Please contact our customer service on WeChat ID: 13162156755  and we will help you to solve it!

  • Does BOOMI have an official store?

We do! To check our store on WeChat, all you need to do is scan the QR Code on the top or botton of the page :)
You can also follow us on Instagram, Xiao Hong Shu and Weibo to keep an eye on new products, promotions, events and activities!

  • Where is the BOOMI Forest?

The BOOMI Forest we are planting with your help and in partnership with Shanghai Roots & Shoots is in Inner Mongolia. Honestly, it is looking BEAUTIFUL and the trees are already growing! Discover the many ways to donate a tree, check the forest pictures and find out more about The BOOMI Forest Initiative.


You might also want to know...

  • Is silicone also a type of plastic?

Yes, silicone is still considered a kind of plastic within the plastic industry. Still, it is a better alternative to single-use plastics since it is reusable and therefore will create less total waste. However, you should try to avoid silicone products and find better alternatives when possible. Check out more about it and discover better alternatives in our post Is Silicone Plastic?

  • What is the difference between biodegradable x compostable?

Biodegradable products are not necessarily organic, they will break down into smaller particles eventually, but it might take longer to happen. Compostable products are basically created from organic materials and usually takes about 90 days to fully break down into non-toxic components within a specific temperature and soil conditions (free of toxins and other non-compostable materials). They can be compostable and becomes soil fertilizers.

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