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BOOMI Platform - Sustainable Brands in China
BOOMI in China - Eco-friendly Platform

Emmanuel Dean was guilt-tripped into sustainability by his little sister. After graduating from Colgate University (USA) majoring in Economics and Chinese in 2018, he gave his little sister a visit in Vancouver. One night, he was brushing his teeth with his 12 dollars top-of-the-line Colgate plastic toothbrush when all of a sudden he heard “Why are you still using a plastic toothbrush?” That one simple question inspired him to find a career in sustainability and sparked the birth of BOOMI.

Miguel Boy is the father nature of the team. Originally from Peru, he has spent half his life in Asia and graduated from New York University in Shanghai with a bachelors in History. Miguel dreams of having his own garden full of veggies, horses and dogs; while occasionally biking downtown to drink organic wine and convince everyone about the climate change realities. You will always find him in need of more coffee, and laughing at new WeChat stickers. 

Emmanuel and Miguel met during high-school in 2012. They are both proud graduates of the first class of UWCSEA - East Campus (2014), Singapore. UWC had such a great impact in their lives that they have decided to place the UWC values as core principles of BOOMI. 

Emmanuel Dean and Miguel Boy - BOOMI Eco-friendly Platform in China

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Two Buddies Trying to Make a Difference

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