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5 Steps to Declutter & Find Balance

Decluttering is often seen as the first step to one's zero-waste journey. Everyone does declutter in different ways. However, here are 5 steps you can take today to create a more pristine and balanced living area.

1. Set Aside Time

Start by setting aside a SPECIFIC AMOUNT OF TIME to work on this project. Maybe you do it all in one day, or you take things slowly day by day.

Scheduling a specific time to tackle this project makes it more likely you’ll COMMIT. And a time limit can ensure you don’t get too overwhelmed or lose focus.

2. Define Your Purpose

One COMMON MISTAKE of decluttering is to get rid of as many things as possible as quickly as you can, but this is like a drastic diet, chances are, if you don’t take time to evaluate the root of the issue, you’ll gain all the weight back!

Take the time to think about the following:

Consider WHERE you LIVE, WHAT your LIFESTYLE is and WHY you HAVE each item

3. Make Categories

You don’t need to become a minimalist within 1 hour — decide on several categories, both for SPACE and ITEMS.

First, divide your home into sections, such as; BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM, KITCHEN & BATHROOM.

You can tackle each one separately, and go back to tip #1 — SET A TIME for each room.

Next, divide the items — you can choose your own categories, but here are some examples:






Do your best to first evenly separate out everything you have into these categories — do you notice one category has more items than the others?

Evaluate where you’re putting most of your things and try to even it out.

Still need help?

Here’s a list of things YOU probably HAVE, that CAN MOST LIKELY BE REDUCED:

> Tupperware

> Hair accessories

> Makeup

> DVDs

> Candles

> Socks/underwear

> Towels

> Suitcases — with less stuff, you won’t have to take as much wherever you go!

4. The Purge

It can be tough when it comes to your Donate or Trash pile, as that little voice in the back of your head says “BUT SOMEDAY I'LL NEED THIS!” 🤔

Here are some tips to make the decision easier: > 80/20 RULE: We tend to only use about 20% of the things we own, whether that’s clothes, toys, makeup etc. That means the majority of your things are left collecting dust.

Can you recycle them or donate to someone in need?

> WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU USED IT? If you cannot remember, or it’s been more than 6 months…. Time to say goodbye

> IMAGINE YOURSELF WITHOUT IT Would life be manageable, would you miss this object, think about it all the time?

> SLEEP ON IT If you’re really having a tough time deciding, come back the next day with a clear head.

> THE BOX TEST If you’re still unsure after one day, place the items in a box and wait 2-3 weeks. Whenever you use an item, take it out of the box.

Whatever is left after this time period, you don’t need in your life!

5. Dispose of Responsibly

Try not to just throw away what you have deemed necessary for you to hold on to. DONATE or RECYCLE when you can!

Finally, take the time to be thankful! After all of that, take the time to be thankful — thankful that you are LIVING A LIFE in which decluttering is an option, thankful for the SPACE you have now created and the intentions you have set.

DECLUTTERING your own space, BOTH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL can be an encouragement to those around you to live a more sustainable and balanced life. The actions we take in our own lives reflect upon those we interact with, and so on and so forth.

SMALL ACTIONS that start at home can make a BIG DIFFERENCE around the world. To learn more about how to live zero-waste and to purchase eco-friendly products, head over to Boomi Official on WeChat.

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