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6 Eco-Friendly Tips For Spring Cleaning

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

With spring season at full force, make sure you're prepared to do some spring cleaning without harming the environment!

1. Quit The Air Freshener And Make Your Own Stovetop Potpourri

Make your house smell like the spring season without needing to use any chemicals! Potpourri is made out of mixed edible ingredients, such as fruits, spices, and herbs that are simmered on the stove. It creates a 100% natural scent that will make any home smell amazing without using any artificial fragrances. Since it uses natural ingredients, it does not harm the environment, AND it is much cheaper than buying scented candles or artificial air fresheners.

To make your own potpourri this spring, go check out GatheringDreams! They have a fantastic easy-to-follow recipe for a spring stovetop potpourri here.

2. Use Lemon And Baking Soda To Polish Metals

Keep your stainless steel kitchen appliances looking brand new with the help of lemon and a little bit of salt or baking soda. The acidity in the lemon juice and the abrasive nature of baking soda makes it just as effective as a chemical cleaner.

Simply half a lemon and sprinkle the open part with a bit of salt or baking soda. Rub the lemon on the problem areas, then rinse the area and buff it with a soft cloth. Your kitchen appliances will be shining like it's brand new!

This solution is not only friendly for the environment but much more affordable too!

3. Vinegar: The Multi-Purpose Cleaner

From mold to window panes, vinegar can do almost all.

When we spot mold, it may be tempting to pull out the harsh chemical cleaning spray immediately, but vinegar can actually be used as a more environmentally friendly alternative instead.

Soak the mold with vinegar for a few hours and merely scrub it away! You can also make a paste using baking soda and water to apply. Read more on how to remove mold naturally here. Vinegar and water can also be used to create a spray that cleans glass and mirrors! Check out this whole list of different ways vinegar can be used for cleaning.

4. Reuse and repurpose things around the house

If you don't do this already, this spring is the perfect time to start. First, donate any clothing you no longer want to give it a second life. As for the items that cannot be donated, you can always repurpose them! You can cut up old towels and use them to clean around the house or repurpose your old Boomi bamboo toothbrushes to clean small corner areas. You could even redesign old items and incorporate them into your home as decoration pieces!

Get creative! There are endless ways you can repurpose the things around your home.

You can also check out this blog if you need some creative inspiration!

5. Use Baking Soda To Keep Your Carpets Fresh

Similar to vinegar, baking soda is very multi-purpose when it comes to cleaning.

Due to baking soda's odor-absorbent properties, sprinkling it into carpets helps keep it smelling fresh. Just remember to vacuum the carpet the next day! By using baking soda, it reduces the need for energy and chemical cleaners it usually takes to wash the carpet thoroughly. A box of baking soda can also be placed in the fridge to remove any unwanted odor. Check this link out to see the many different ways we can clean with baking soda.

6. Air-dry your laundry!

It may sound very simple, but it makes a massive impact on our environment! Not only does it save electricity, but reduce your electricity bills too. So take advantage of the beautiful weather and dry all your clothes, towels, and bedsheets outside and keep the dryer for rainy days.

By air-drying laundry, the carbon footprint of the average household can be reduced by 2,400 pounds a year.

Boomi News is the official blog of Boomi, a Shanghai-based startup that provides starter kits filled with sustainable products to help guide you towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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