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Why You Shouldn't Geo-Tag + 9 Other Travel Tips

Eco-friendly living in an urban environment can often feel like trying to maintain a diet — being conscious of what & how much we consume, and adjusting our lifestyle to achieve a long-term benefit.

And just like maintaining a diet on vacation is difficult, traveling and staying eco-friendly can be a challenge as well!

So no matter where you’re off to next week OR how you get there, here are 10 ways YOU can let loose on vacation & feel better about it.

1. Unplug

You’ve heard of a digital detox, now it’s time to give your appliances a little R&R. Unplug appliances to save power, energy & money!

*a word to the wise - empty out your fridge before unplugging it.

2. Don't Bag It

Plastic bags can take up to 500 years to biodegrade! Make sure your memories are the only things that don't fade away. Use a reusable bag to pack your goodies - even your toiletries.

Check out our Boomi Pouch zip-up bag to carry all your travel-sized essentials.


As in, Bring Your Own Bottle (but beer is also accepted). While they may seem cute and harmless, those tiny shampoos & body washes from hotels actually contribute to a huge amount of wasted plastic.

Looking for a travel-friendly shampoo? Check out our shampoo bars that come in a sweet little tin, ideal for shiny hair on-the-go.

4. Tote an Extra

Planning to go shopping on your trip? Whether it's for groceries or souvenirs, an extra tote can eliminate the need for more plastic.

5. Sharing is Caring

Traveling with a friend or partner? Share a suitcase - you never wear half the things you pack anyway, right?

While it may seem insignificant, 1 less 23 kg (or 50lbs) suitcase means any transportation you take will weigh less, requiring less fuel and energy to get you where you're going.

6. Do "Do not Disturb"

If you are staying in a hotel, take a pass on housekeeping. This will save laundry-related energy use and more plastic toiletries bottles

7. When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Go Local! Shop local - check out farmers' markets with products sourced from nearby farms, discover some new hops by taste-testing locally brewed beer and surprise your friends with unique, locally made products as gifts.

8. We do not need to know where you are

Doin' it for the gram has been pretty harmful to Mother Earth. Geo-tagging little-known places and well-preserved trails have contributed to a flood of visitors.

Just last year, the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board in Wyoming, USA asked visitors to refrain from geo-tagging, saying that an increase in tagged photos has been devastating for some of their trails.

So, just like your mother told you, you don't need to reveal everything, leave a little for the imagination.

9. Protect your skin and the ocean

If you are going to be soaking up the sun, we obviously recommend sunscreen, but did you know that by protecting yourself, you could be arming the ocean?

Check the label before you buy - sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octanoate have been found to increase coral bleaching.

10. Feeling guilty about that long flight.....

Sometimes, we just can't help it. Long flights are unavoidable. So if you are that person this holiday, consider purchasing offset credits - basically, the cost of your carbon footprint will be calculated and you'll put the monetary equivalent toward projects that are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our environment.

You can check out for how and where to purchase carbon offset credits

For more information on how to reduce your waste and to purchase our products, head over to Boomi Official on WeChat.

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